Article by: Perry Romanowski

This is a little outside the realm of cosmetics but I like science and thought this animation was very cool.  It takes you all the way down to the smallest thing that we’ve discovered (or theorized) up to the largest things in the Universe.  So very cool.

The Observable Universe




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    S M Mahmuduzzaman

    This is indeed a piece of art about science. This shows how complex things can be expressed graphically. Thanks boss!

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    Nancy Liedel

    I actually cried it was so magical and wondrous. Till my 14 year old said, “What’s so great about this?”

    I really think he needs a smack upside the head of science. Perhaps the ghost of Einstein could visit and do it?

    That was incredible and just fascinating. My husband and I loved it.

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    What a magical website! Just beautiful. It reminds me of the “powers of 10” video, but our universe has gotten much bigger and much smaller since that film was made in 1968. Thanks for sharing!

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