Article by: Perry Romanowski

Skin care is one of the most common areas in which cosmetic chemists get to formulate. And acne is one of the most common problems they are trying to either prevent or cure. Here is a nice short video that explains exactly how acne is formed and how anti-acne ingredients work. It’s quite good.


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    Hi Perry,
    The video is quite funny but I have to say there are a few things that bother me. As far as I know washing with soap only makes acne worse because it damages the skin barrier. Against acne, it is more effective to peel the skin. Some scientists found out that in acne skin the corneocytes are small and abnormal because the skin becomes thick too fast. In Europe almost all anti-acne OTC products are based on salicylic acid: it has a peeling effect similar to glycolic acid, but with anti-bacterial effect.
    An interesting fact is also that native populations don’t suffer from acne and some believe it is because their diet is poor in carbohydrates.

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