Article by: Perry Romanowski

This is an interesting enough video for anyone who wonders how aerosol hairsprays, sunscreens, or deodorants are made.

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This is an example of a slow speed filling machine. It’s slow enough that a worker can add the dip tube and valve prior to crimping. In this particular system, the valve is crimped while the can gets filled with the correct amount of propellant.

There aren’t a lot of places that fill aerosols for cosmetics because it can be a bit dangerous dealing with potentially explosive products and chemicals.


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    Do you know of any contract manufacturers that produce aerosols?

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      You should be able to find some in one of the Buyer’s Guides.

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    Very interesting, Perry, thank you for sharing! I’m amazed to see how such an automatic route is still very much hand-on. Why don’t the workers use gloves? I presume than with step 2, pushing the sprayer cap on, they would get a spray of the content onto their hands.

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