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Cosmetic Preservation For Formulators

What you will learn on this webinar
Perry Romanowski Cosmetic formulator, author and creator of Chemists Corner

The most frequent type of questions we get asked here on Chemists Corner is about how to preserve cosmetic formulas. There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet about preservation and the need for it. This webinar will clear up misconceptions and give you all the information you need to properly preserve your products so you can make them both safe and effective.

In this webinar you will...

  1. Gain an understanding of why every product needs a preservation system
  2. Discover which preservatives are most effective
  3. Learn how specific preservatives work
  4. Get information about traditional and "natural" preservatives
  5. Learn what preservatives to use in specific types of formulas
  6. Discover how to use hurdle techniques to limit preservative use
  7. Find out why people are avoiding effective ingredients like parabens

Plus these bonuses...

  • You'll get a list of dozens of popular preservatives with their trade names, regulatory status, use levels, and effectiveness

  • Get your preservation questions answered - During the webinar you will be able to post questions and they will be answered (live - if there is time, or via email)  


Tuesday The 28th
At 13:30 UTC-5

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