In today's episode we have an interview with Meyer Rosen, the editor and chief of the new edition of Harry's Cosmeticology.  This book is one of the best resources of cosmetic information that you can find. Interview: Meyer Rosen - Meyer Rosen is the president of Interactive Consulting Inc which provides technology-based management and technical support to […] Read More


Product categories in the cosmetic industry

Most people who work in the cosmetic industry for large to medium sized companies specialize in one type of cosmetic product. They are limited to hair products or skin products and rarely is there an overlap. Formulators at contract manufacturer or consultants have much more opportunity to work on the different types of cosmetic products, […] Read More


Speaking Engagement – CTSCC September Meeting

Hey everyone, I'll be giving a few talks coming up in September. Here's information about the meeting in Connecticut. Website to register:   […] Read More


Functional raw materials in the cosmetic industry

We’ve previously discussed cosmetic raw materials on this website and have even come up with a classification system which demonstrates that there are only 3 types of cosmetic raw materials including Functional, Aesthetic and Claims. In this post we’ll focus on the functional ingredients and review some of the different types used in cosmetic formulating.  […] Read More


Improve your chances of getting a cosmetic chemist job

Frequently we're contacted by people who are in school or another industry and want to break into the cosmetic industry as a formulator.  They want to know if there are internships, jobs or experiences that are important for getting a job.  So, I thought I'd list what I think are the best things you can […] Read More


In-Cosmetics Brazil 2015 begins September 1st

The 2015 in-cosmetics Brasil fair set to feature many novelties and innovative educational content   The second edition of the in-cosmetics Brasil fair has many new things to offer visitors plus enhanced educational content. In addition to the well-known workshops and Innovation Seminars, aimed at Research and Development (R&D) professionals, the event will launch Marketing […] Read More


3 Ways to Make Surfactant Free Emulsions

Emulsifiers are great for keeping mixtures of oil and water together but they do have a number of downsides that has prompted researchers to look for alternatives. Some of the problems include skin irritation, questionable stability, cost, environmental problems, regulatory issues and difficulties in production.  There are a few options you can try to remove […] Read More


Interview starts at 6:00 Details: Kathleen Norris is Director of eMarketing and Analytics for the Formulator Sample Shop, a supplier of specialty ingredients for the cosmetic, personal care and toiletry industries. She previously served as the Marketing Manager of North America at Active Concepts where she helped develop and lead the implementation of marketing strategies […] Read More


The EWG gets a lot of criticism for flaws in their database, but I have to give them credit where credit is due. They have fixed at least one flaw that I pointed out in a previous blog post (3 reasons why the EWG is a dubious source). They used to have a listing for […] Read More


How to be a Complete Cosmetic Chemist

To be a complete cosmetic chemist you need to have a wide range of knowledge and skills not taught in college. Here are the 5 main areas you need to develop to excel in a cosmetic science career.  Cosmetic science knowledge - Most of what you learned in college about chemistry was focused on topics […] Read More