What is Chemists Corner About?

Chemists Corner was started a number of years ago and my initial vision was for it to be a website for people who have degrees in chemistry and want to get a job in industry. It is primarily focused on cosmetic chemistry, but the original idea was really for different kinds of sectors of chemists […] Read More


Could a computer replace formulators?

I recently read an article which suggested that many jobs are at risk of being taken over by robots. Fortunately, chemists only have about a 10% chance of being replaced in the next 20 years. But then I saw this article about how P&G was using supercomputers to do their formulation work and started thinking […] Read More


Secrecy in the cosmetic industry

One of the more frequent questions we get from people here on chemists corner is about keeping your ideas safe and secret. People worry about their idea getting stolen. Here is an email exchange in which I explain my views on whether you can keep your cosmetic idea secret.  Hello - I recently was introduced […] Read More


Interview starts at 5:00 - Dene Godfrey Dene Godfrey is the owner of Independent Preservation Advice Limited. He has been involved with the preservation of cosmetics since 1981 and has worked for such companies as Azelis, MGS MicroPure Ltd and Nipa Laboratories. He is also heavily involved in the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and is […] Read More


What is the best ingredient to use?

On a few occasions we've gotten a question that goes something like this.... "What is the best preservative to use?" or "What is the best ingredient I can use for moisturizing?"  A question like this is incredibly difficult because the answer depends on so many different factors about what you consider important.  To illustrate, let's […] Read More


Are big cosmetic companies more trustworthy?

On the Internet, big cosmetic corporations frequently get labeled as evil and there is the implication that they are trying to harm their consumers. Small companies don’t seem to experience that kind of scrutiny which is baffling to me because they are much more likely to make labeling errors, make misleading claims, and produce unsafe […] Read More


interview starts at : 14:10 Satish Nayak is the Director of Research and Development for Kemin Personal Care. He joined Kemin in 2008 as a Scientist for Kemin Industries Discovery Research group where he was the project manager for Chemistry and Biochemistry projects. Currently in his position, Satish is responsible for innovation, quality control and customer laboratory support […] Read More


Sun Damage in the Dark – Yes, in the Dark

Here is some surprising research that suggests a new angle to explore in the formulating of skin care and sunscreens. Contributing authors - Meaghan Lee-Erlandsen and Dr. Nora Khaldi of Nuritas Guest post We at Nuritas have always thought that sun damage occurred during sun exposure and ended immediately after returning indoors. To our surprise, […] Read More


This post was written by Jane Barber The Natural & Organic Products Europe Show in London (19-20 April 2015) was packed with independent retailers, buyers, distributors, wholesalers, importers, exporters and, a couple of cosmetic chemists!  The Show was divided into sections - food and drink, beauty and spa, health and living. Over 200 natural beauty, […] Read More

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Does alcohol cause skin irritation?

I recently received an email asking me about why a company would include alcohol (denatured) in their skin care formulas.  They were under the impression that alcohol caused skin irritation.  They are not the only ones as the folks at Paula's Choice list alcohol as a skin irritant.  I had heard this same claim over […] Read More