You can’t make cosmetic and personal care products without raw materials. Here is some useful information about raw materials that will get you on your way to creating the best beauty products you can.¬†

Background information about cosmetic ingredients

What is a cosmetic ingredient?

Guide to naming raw materials 

Cosmetic ingredient naming guide – part 2

Types of cosmetic ingredients

The three types of cosmetic raw materials

Functional raw materials

What are surfactants?

Varieties of cosmetic emollients

What are fatty acids?

Humectants in cosmetics

Formula adjustment ingredients

Cosmetic thickeners

Preservatives for natural formulas

Why use multiple preservatives

Selecting colors for a formula

Natural colors in cosmetics

Types of peptides in cosmetics

9 topical cosmetic compounds that work

Claims ingredients in cosmetics

Do natural extracts in cosmetics make sense?

Other things to know about ingredients

Understanding cosmetic raw material research

How to know if an ingredient has an effect

Even with the same name, raw materials aren’t always the same

Most active ingredients don’t work

Why are some ingredients liquid and some solid?

What to ask about your raw materials

What makes one ingredient better than another?


Podcasts about raw materials

The different types of functional raw materials

Aesthetic raw materials

Raw materials for claims

The science of surfactants

Functional natural ingredients