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Improve your cosmetic chemistry skills in 30 days! 

Learn essential skills and practical insights to enhance your proficiency in cosmetic science, enabling you to develop innovative products and excel in your career.

Want to become a better cosmetic formulator?  Done.

Today, almost every skill needed for developing products in the cosmetic industry—from formulation to marketing—can be learned online, except one: mastering the art of cosmetic chemistry. With this book, you’ll acquire actionable knowledge and techniques that propel you to create innovative, market-leading cosmetic products.

What will you learn from this book?

Industry Insight: Gain an understanding of how the cosmetic industry works including product types and market dynamics.

Raw Materials Knowledge: Learn about different raw materials and their functions in cosmetic formulations.

Formulating Skills: Acquire hands-on formulating experience and understand the necessary equipment and cost factors.

Scientific Foundations: Enhance your grasp of basic cosmetic science, including skin and hair biology.

Product Testing Proficiency: Master various product testing methods, including stability and claims testing.

Career Advancement: Discover strategies for networking, education, and becoming a recognized expert in the field.

cosmetic science book cover
  1. 30 Days of Focused Relevant Topics.
  2. 30 Actionable Learning Challenges
  3. Resource Guides 
  4. Formulation Techniques
  5. Testing Protocols
  6. Insights into Cosmetic Industry Structure
  7. Career Advancement Strategies

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

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-Benjamin Franklin

Discover the most important aspects of Cosmetic Formulating!

  1. Functional Raw Materials: Understand different raw materials and their roles in cosmetics.
  2. Formulating Techniques: Access essential formulating skills and the necessary equipment.
  3. Skin and Hair Biology: Explore the biology relevant to cosmetics for both skin and hair.
  4. Testing Protocols: Learn how to conduct stability and claims testing.
  5. Career Development: Gain insights on non-formulating skills like networking and education.
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What readers say

cosmetic chemist elana

I love the 30 day book and found it incredibly helpful! I also am a lifelong learner and am really drawn to cosmetic science for natural ingredients. 

-Elana Hood
Cosmetic Science Student

cosmetic chemist

30 Days to Become a Better Cosmetic Chemist is very useful training for me. 

-Thang Thang
Quality Control Specialist


30 days to become a better cosmetic chemist has really helped me to start having sound knowledge in my areas of formulation. 

-Isaac Okoro
Senior Formulation Chemist

Who should read this book?

  1. Aspiring Cosmetic Chemists:
    • Gain practical knowledge in cosmetic formulation.
    • Understand the intricacies of raw materials and their applications.
  2. Cosmetic Industry Professionals:
    • Enhance your understanding of product testing and quality control.
    • Stay updated with industry standards and innovations.
  3. Cosmetic Science Students:
    • Build a strong foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of cosmetic science.
    • Prepare for a successful career with industry-relevant skills and knowledge.
  4. DIY Cosmetic Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs:
    • Learn to formulate safe and effective cosmetic products.
    • Translate a hobby into a professional business with a solid scientific approach.

About the Author


Hi, My name is Perry Romanowski and I’m a cosmetic chemist and formulation instructor based in Chicago, USA. During my career, I’ve contributed extensively to the cosmetic industry, from formulating cutting-edge products at Alberto Culver to founding educational platforms like Chemists Corner. I’m passionate about simplifying cosmetic science for enthusiasts and professionals alike, helping them transform ideas into tangible products.

Through my work, I’ve authored influential books and developed comprehensive online courses, aiming to enhance the skills and careers of countless cosmetic scientists globally. Connect with me to explore the art and science of cosmetics further!

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Over 150 pages with actionable advice and no fluff.

cosmetic science book cover