Article by: Perry Romanowski

Here is the 5-minute, speed talk I did at the Midwest SCC November dinner meeting.  The idea is that speakers get 5 minutes to talk about a topic.  There must be 20 slides and the slides automatically move after 15 seconds.  It’s really a challenging way to give a talk.

The topic I picked was just meant to encourage people to become experts at their chosen field and discussed the steps to do it.  Essentially,

Step 1 – Develop a general knowledge of all cosmetic science then pick a niche to specialize in.

Step 2 – Share your expertise with the world by writing, giving talks, and communicating with people.

Step 3 – Continue to learn.  The field is constantly changing and experts have to keep up.

Midwest SCC meeting

We had a total of 7 talks at the meeting and everyone did a great job getting their ideas across in only 5 minutes.  I’m hoping this becomes a regular feature of the SCC meetings.  I’d love to see a National SCC version of this.


  1. Mr.Dada Y.O

    Please link me to the online schools where I can learn cosmetics production,formula and management.I real have interest in this field, your quick respond is needed.THANKS.

  2. Dora

    No, i wouldn’t like to be just an employee, I’d love to have my own cosmetic line and be my own chef in this field. I’m also considering about being analitycal chemist (if i wouln’t suceed in cosmetic area) so I don’t know if I should do my BS degree in Chemistry cause I know that a lot of informations will be not essential for me as a Cosmetic Chemist. What would you advice to me? I’m in high school now and i’ve got my A-levels this year and I have no idea what to do with my studies.

    1. Perry

      Well, at this point in your life I would highly suggest that you start out by going to get a Chemistry degree. While you do that, you can practice cosmetic formulating on the side. You can also try to learn about running a business which is just as important as chemistry when it comes to having a successful cosmetic business.

    2. Eliza

      I agree with Perry, Dora. Besides I’m convinced that a chemistry degree will make you a better formulator as you’ll understand the science behind (formulating) the products a lot better. And will also make you less susceptible to trends and fear-mongering and more prone to creative scientific innovation.

  3. Dora

    Do I need B.S in Chemistry if i want to set up my own cosmetic manufacture and invent cosmetics? I am interested in this area, learn a lot from books etc. so do I need studies?

    1. Perry

      You do not need a degree to start your own company. College degrees are best for people who enjoy a subject and want to get a job when they get out of school. If inventing cosmetics yourself is what you want to do, then it would be best to go learn how to do that. If getting a job working for a cosmetic company is your goal, then you’ll have to get a degree.

  4. Eliza

    As always: terrific talk! You found your niche, Perry 😉
    Thank you for keeping up the great work!

    1. Perry

      Thanks Eliza!

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