Article by: Perry Romanowski

We always appreciate the messages we receive from followers of Chemists Corner. I love to read the ideas that people have and am encouraged that innovation in our industry continues despite the unintentional efforts government regulators to stop it.

Natural overload

But I must say, I’m a little concerned by how often I hear the same idea. Almost every “new” cosmetic line is going to be…

1. All-natural
2. Organic
3. Chemical free

And they aren’t going to contain…

4. Parabens
5. Silicones
6. Preservatives
7. Artificial anything


I really do appreciate the thinking and effort that go into ideas like this but to actually launch a product you need more of an idea than that.

All-natural has been done…to death.

A quick review of shows that there already exist over 250 cosmetic brands that are “green” and “natural.”

That is no longer enough of an idea for a new product.

Focus on the consumer

So, what can you do if you want an all-natural, green cosmetic line? Certainly, you can go ahead and make one. You can take our course on Natural Formulating or hire a natural formulation chemist who can make the products for you. Do it!

However, you need to take the next step.

Ask yourself a few questions to see if you can make your product stand out. For example…

1. Who will buy my product and why?
2. Why will they buy my product instead of a competitor’s?
3. What problem is my product solving?
4. If my product never gets made, how will the world be worse?
5. What will my product allow people to do that they can’t already do?

There are at least 250 brands that are all natural, organic, green and everything else.

If you want to successfully launch a new brand…

How is yours going to stand out?

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    I represent a plant in China that has recently manage successfully to manufacture “human like” collagen in commercial quantities.
    I believe it is the first of its kind in the world. Most collagen in the market are derived from animals or fish and which is often rejected by the user.
    We are planning to bring this collagen to the USA and would like to hear from interested parties.

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    To put it more succinctly than I usually do, it comes down to 3 letters: U. S. P.
    Unique Selling Point. Thats what distinguishes your product in the market. It can be the status or feel of your brand, or your types of product. When the natural market’s selling point is used by 100’s of different me-too products, the Unique part is all important

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    Nancy Liedel

    Thank goodness, because it all seems like a guessing game. I make fantastic products, but I’m the owner, secdretary, cheif cook and bottle washer. Sometimes it feels like a lot. My range of products is wide and I am happy creating. I just hate sales. 🙂 I’ll get over it. When I’m in a race (running, triathlon) there is always a point where I want to quite and almost do.

    “There’s no way through, but to do it. I do not give up and quite races.”

    I’ve never not finished. In over 200 foot races, I’ve never DNF’d. I may be near the end, but I get there. I can do this.

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    Well Perry, I just received this article, that might be worth reading:

    I remember you posting a while back about biomimicry. It’s an interesting concept and there might be room for innovation there. It also touches the ‘safer cosmetics’ topics you posted about a few days ago.

    It’s not so much about safety anymore as about consumer perception and natural safe alternatives to their less biobased, eco-friendly biodegradable cosmetic ingredients. Plus making products that truly preform well.

    It remains a complicated but very relevant theme.

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      Indeed. I think biomimicry really is the key to the future of natural products. And also, you are correct, it is complicated.

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    Nancy Liedel

    Nothing is all natural and silicones are pretty darn natural. How to stand out? It’s not just the product. Everyone has made it, at least once. It’s connection to your customer, straight up honesty, transparency in what you do and above and beyond customer service. If you’re a small company, it’s all you’ve got.

    All Natural does not exist. “Safe, Sane Cosmetics and Skin Care…” tm the tagline dies there. I’m still working on it. Who is my customer? She’s being over served, but very confused. She has no idea what’s what anymore and she’s starting not to care. She wants skincare and beauty that use effective ingredients to give her a personal regime she’s excited to follow, because she has the time and energy to do so. Not tons of this, and that. A company willing and able to personalize her skin care and makeup colors. To use as few ingredients as possible and to honest. No puffery promises. After all, if it could remove lines, I’d not only be rich, but a manufacturer of an OTC Drug.

    I know her income, her beliefs about the earth, but she’s practical. She’s not a zealot. There is room for this type of formulator. Small, because to be this personal the company has to be small. I formulate for women like me. Busy, hopeful about the earth and practical. All I can do now is hope there are others like me out there. My Magic 8 Ball and Market Research says, “Looks Good.”

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      Sounds like you are on the right path!

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