Article by: Perry Romanowski

I recently was a judge at a local science fair for grade school students. It was great to see all the students excited about their projects and many were pretty interesting. This one made me both happy (that a kid was interested in cosmetic science) and sad (that the lead in lipstick nonsense is infecting young kids). Sigh. But maybe she’ll continue her research and discover the folly of her conclusions.



  1. robyn

    Hi. My niece wants o make a lip balm using shea butter and a non toxic crayon but I heard the lead in it was too high. What do you think?

    1. Perry Romanowski

      It’s unlikely to be a problem, especially if it is a non-toxic crayon.

  2. Liliana Todorinova

    Hi Perry,
    Last week I had a similar encounter – when I told a girl that my company manufactures cosmetic ingredients, she immediately said “Yeah, stuff like whale fat and colors from dead insects?” Needless to say I couldn’t believe my ears…

    1. Perry Romanowski

      The job of education is never done. sigh.

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