Article by: Perry Romanowski

The most common types of questions that we get here on Chemists Corner are ones about formulating natural cosmetics. This is a hot trend in the cosmetic industry and formulators are struggling to find information about how to make their formulas more “green” and “natural”.

That led us to find industry experts who have been focused on formulating natural products and enlist their help in creating the next course in the Complete Cosmetic Chemist series.

The course isn’t quite ready but we have created a free download about formulating natural products. This is a primer or introduction to the field and will help prepare you for our upcoming course.

Free Natural Formulating Download

You can download the free naturals formulation primer by clicking on this page.

Formulating Natural Cosmetics

The course will open on December 9, 2011 but won’t officially get started until early January 2012. But if you sign up now, you’ll get the free ebook and a bunch of bonus material created just for people interested in formulating natural products.

So, click on the link and sign up today.

Formulating Natural Cosmetics

Perry, 44

PS. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll answer.


  1. Charles Ebonga O

    Dear Perry, I need the cosmetics book

  2. Abinash Mohanty

    Hey!! Perry, I want to be a process engineer in cosmeceuticals industry.Can you please suggest me some books, ideas & the areas I need to look out the most so that I could I excel my career in this line.

    1. Perry Romanowski

      I would suggest you see our beginning cosmetic chemistry book or Harry’s Cosmeticology.

  3. dina

    Please, can I get the book?
    I have subscribed to email but i not access anything

    1. Perry Romanowski

      Check your spam folder for the download.

  4. rahul

    thnx perry. . 🙂

  5. Olga

    Hi Perry,

    Is this ebook still available?

    1. Perry Romanowski

      Yes. Just sign up for the email list.

  6. Ajay Gupta

    Hi perry, will you please help me with some e-books on cosmetics. personal care, preservative, natural cosmetics.


    1. Perry Romanowski

      I don’t know what you want. Are you looking for these types of books or are you writing one?

  7. abdel

    Thank you very much for all these very helpful informations, i lives in colorado and i am about to start my owne line of cosmetics products, please do you offre any classes that may help me out.

  8. hafez

    hi perry
    thank you very much
    but i asking you about a book talking a bout natural cosmetics formulation
    can you send it to me or any books that realated ov cosmetics formulation or cosmetic industry andd chemistry
    thank you

  9. joan newton


  10. hafez

    can someone help me?i want a books in formulating cosmetics

  11. hafez

    can someone help me?i want a books in formulating cosmetics

    < -email address removed->

    1. Perry

      Hello Hafez – Please post this request in the forum.

  12. seagull

    Dear Perry, thank you for the free e-book. It is wonderful. I want to know if you have the Personal Care Formulas (e-book). Would you like to offer the e-book for me? Thank you very much.

  13. Eliza

    THANK YOU, Perry! Now I really can’t wait for the course!!!

  14. Rossy Rios

    thnaks a lot …. because I am in retail of two cosmetics products in Mexico ande i love it quemist in cosmetics…

  15. Rossy Rios

    Does it have a price to dowlowd
    thanks Rossy

    1. Perry

      Hello Rossy – No, it is FREE.

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