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Welcome to Day 30 of the 30 Days to Become a Better Cosmetic Chemist series

This 30 day challenge is all about giving you lessons and basic exercises that will improve your abilities as a cosmetic chemist. expert-cosmetic-chemist

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In this episode

In today’s program we focus on your career as a cosmetic chemist and talk about how you can increase your career success chances by becoming a well-known expert on some topic in cosmetic science.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of becoming a cosmetic science subject expert
  • The three key things you can do to become an expert
  • Research you need to do to become an expert
  • Why you need to be a generalist and specialist
  • The importance of sharing your expertise
  • How to keep increasing your knowledge and learning

Today’s challenge

Our final challenge is an obvious one but will take more than just a day. Today’s challenge is to become a subject expert.

Make a plan.
Figure out what type of expert you want to be.
Create a list of books, magazine articles, blogs, patents or anything else to help you learn.
Immerse yourself in the topic and learn everything you can.
Start writing about that topic.
Make people love your subject as much as you do.
Find a place where you can give a talk about your expertise.

I’d love to hear what topic you choose to become an expert in. So after you have given it some thought leave a comment as to what you are going to become an expert in.

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  1. Marysurnita

    Hi perry!
    I’m interested in learning about hair products. How can I get in touch with you


    I am looking forward to start the formulating course. I want to learn all I can , really love this site, I made lotion for the first time

  3. Surinder Kumar

    Dear Perry
    I want to make long lasting lip gloss could you please help me

  4. Jessica

    God bless you Perry..

  5. Sena

    Can you help me with a formular for making tick and flea shampoos for dogs?

  6. Zainab Suleiman

    Thank u Perry for this, Im a beginner and want to be an expert in hair care products. Pls how do I go about it?
    Thank you

  7. Titilola

    I am interested in becoming an expert in hair care products therefore will like to undertake the series. how do i go about it.


  8. Titilola

    I want to be an expert in hair care production, i will like to enrol for the 30days series, how do i go about it.


      1. Neha

        where can i get the ebook





  11. Fathanah Binti Muhmmad Saleh

    thank you for this introduction to cosmetic formulation. i hope to be a perfumery expert as smell has the most attraction to both men and women more than looks. Love at first smell i believe. its also part of the fragrance ingredients in deodorant, shower gel, body lotions, antiseptic wipes besides using a normal perfume. will read more of your article as it will help me to become a perfumery formulator.


  12. Asgher zaidi

    I wanted to ask that do we need to heat surfactants before adding in face wash?

    1. Perry Romanowski

      That depends on what surfactants you’re using and what form they are in.

  13. Kalpana

    Hi, I am looking for natural preservatives which are Ecocertified for oil & water based formulations

    1. Perry Romanowski

      See our forum for some examples. It really depends on your formula.

  14. Anand

    Very useful subject,if fulfilled.

  15. Eve

    Hi Perry,
    I’m looking to combine my expertise as a trained aromatherapy to create skin care line for men constituting mainly plant based materials (as much as possible). I’ve also considered the option to save my self the hassle and maybe go for white label products which may probably never really be the same as my unique ones.
    I took a course in skincare formulation 101 with Star Kechara and got to know about you.
    I look forward to hear from you


    1. Perry Romanowski

      Interesting. Did you have a question? if you’re wondering whether private label (white label) products are a good way to go, I’d say yes.

  16. Miguel Ibarra

    Dear Perry
    I’m interesting in the 30 days series , can I have a phone Number and provide my order by phone and get you my email

    1. Perry Romanowski

      Thanks for your interest. We only have the download available through Paypal.

  17. gorrette mwewa

    i want to be an expert in hair care products

  18. shevon

    i love this page so much guys thanx a lot .

  19. Zoe

    Thanks Perry for sharing all the principle to us. That is definitely very helpful. Will contact you for more detail.

  20. Mellisa baylis

    Dear Perry,
    You are a wonderful teacher! Thank you for sharing all you know with us!
    Mellisa Baylis
    Mellisa B Naturally

  21. yinka

    You wouldn’t understand how much I have benefitted from this series.I will definitely contact u soon. Thanks alot

    1. Perry Romanowski

      Thanks for the kind words!

  22. Peter Gyamfi

    Thanks a lot Perry for introducing me to cosmetic formulation. You are a great teacher.

  23. Foli Joachim

    I have gained new confidence in this industry due to the enlightenment you have us.
    I am already in the manufacturing industry, in the antiseptics but would want to start a skin and hair products.
    I would be grateful if in you next pod cast you can take these industry’s one by one and go alittle bit in-depth.
    Also how to be able to source for the raw materials and the machines.
    Once again thank you.

  24. Christopher

    Thank you Perry for this series. It’s been extremely informative and helpful.

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