Give me 30 Days and I’ll Make You a Better Formulator

Hi there – it’s Perry Romanowski from Chemists Corner. Perry_profile Do you want to learn how to become a cosmetic chemist? Are you uncertain about how to get a job and advance in your career in the cosmetic industry? Curious about how cosmetics are tested? You are not alone. 30 Days to Become a Better Cosmetic Chemist is a downloadable ebook (over 200 pages) designed to help you improve your skills and career options as a cosmetic chemist. One step at a time, it will start you on your way to become an expert cosmetic formulator.

Designed to Help you Learn, but more importantly Apply what you Learn 

The book is divided into 30 easy-to-follow lessons and tasks that you can work through whenever it is convenient for you.30DaysToBecomeABetterCosmeticChemist_cover (1) Each step in the workbook contains:
  • A Task – something to DO that step.
  • A Lesson – each day you’ll be given in-depth instruction on various topics relevant to cosmetic chemists.
This approach is designed so that you come away from each lesson having not only learned something important to cosmetic chemists but also you’ll have actually done something with that knowledge. In this book we cover six main areas of interest to cosmetic formulators including
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Raw materials
  • Cosmetic science
  • Formulating
  • Product testing
  • Cosmetic chemist career

About the Book

This book is a training manual for anyone who wants to get started in the cosmetic industry. It is written by a cosmetic chemist with over 30 years of experience in the industry. It is meant to introduce you to the cosmetic industry and to give you an idea of the most important topics that a cosmetic formulator needs to know.


Day 01 - Cosmetic Industry - Types of products in the cosmetic industry
Day 02 - Raw Materials - Functional raw materials
Day 03 - Cosmetic Formulating - Best formulating books & resources
Day 04 - Cosmetic Science - The Biology of the Skin
Day 05 - Product testing - Stability testing
Day 06 - Career - The power of networking on your career
Day 07 - Cosmetic Science - The Biology of the Hair
Day 08 - Raw Materials - Aesthetic raw materials
Day 09 - Cosmetic Formulating - Equipment needed for formulating
Day 10 - Product Testing - Claims testing
Day 11 - Cosmetic Industry - Companies in the cosmetic industry
Day 12 - Career - Types of jobs in the cosmetic industry
Day 13 - Cosmetic Science - Basic chemistry for formulators
Day 14 - Raw Materials - Claims raw materials
Day 15 - Cosmetic Formulating - Types of cosmetic formulas
Day 16 - Product Testing - Product testing required before launching
Day 17 - Cosmetic Industry - The FDA regulation of the cosmetic industry
Day 18 - Career - How to further your education in cosmetic science
Day 19 - Cosmetic Science - How do surfactants work?
Day 20 - Raw Materials - Dissecting an ingredient list
Day 21 - Cosmetic Formulating - Calculating formulation costs
Day 22 - Product Testing - Using patents to find test methods
Day 23 - Cosmetic Industry - NGOs and the cosmetic industry
Day 24 - Career - Creating your profile - online and offline
Day 25 - Cosmetic Science - How do moisturizers work?
Day 26 - Raw Materials - What to do with samples
Day 27 - Cosmetic Formulating - Reducing formulation cost
Day 28 - Product Testing - Personal evaluations of products
Day 29 - Cosmetic Industry - Natural cosmetic trend
Day 30 - Career - Becoming an expert

Start your cosmetic chemist journey today