Article by: Perry Romanowski

Last Friday I was in Boston and had the opportunity to be interviewed on one of the local news station.  You can see the clip here.

Fox News Cosmetic Chemist interview

While I have fun doing these TV spots, I have to admit that I cringe whenever I watch them later so I probably won’t be watching the clip.  But in case you’re curious, there it is.

Let me know what you think.


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    Ow, Perry, you did wonderful! Gosh, look at the speed of that interview, got my head spinning! I’m in awe that you got the most important information out there, so fast and in just a few words. Well done!

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      Mark Fuller

      I enjoy these interviews and I use the book as a marketing tool with my clients. Several months ago I purchased several copies and sent them as gifts to my clients.
      If you do any Hair Care, you need to watch Perry’s interview with Rachel Ray. His approach to the types of Shampoos and their benefits has been helpful in getting my clients focused on their product and what functions they would like.

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      Thanks Eliza! I’ve had a little practice. This was about my 10th appearance and each time it gets a little easier. Still don’t like watching it though.

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