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Welcome to Chemists Corner

By: Perry Romanowski

About Chemists Corner

Chemists Corner is a website written for cosmetic chemists by cosmetic chemists. It is meant to be a resource and gathering place for cosmetic chemists to learn tips, swap stories, and find out how to survive and thrive in the cosmetic industry.

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Great for Beginners!
“Well-organized contemporary information on cosmetic chemistry. Very helpful for the beginners.”
– Sunil

Very informative. I like that it shows the marketing side, besides the formulation information.
– Marie

Great Tool!
I think it is a great tool to broaden my knowledge.

– Carol

Recent Blogs

Cosmetic Science – What is it?

Simply put, cosmetic science is the area of study focused on the development of products designed to improve the look and feel of skin, hair, nails and other surfaces of the body. The subject of cosmetic science actually overlaps with…

cosmetic cost savings

Making money as a cosmetic chemist

Getting a degree in chemistry is highly satisfying and emotionally rewarding. The classes you take like Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Advanced Inorganic Chemistry are tough, especially compared to the courses that Business majors or Communication majors are taking.  But…

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