Article by: Perry Romanowski

Here’s a pretty good video in which a high school student describes what it’s like to be a cosmetic chemist.  She got to visit Estee Lauder in Toronto.

Also, if you are curious about what a cosmetic chemist does, see this list of cosmetic chemist tasks.



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    Hi im currently about to enter my final year in my diploma in biomedical engineering. I’m interested to pursue a cosmetic chemist career preferably on the formulation side. I’ve read some comments and most of your replies suggested to take up a chemistry degree. Is it necessary for my degree to have a background in cosmetic chemistry or just a regular chemistry degree would do? Because I’m thinking of doing a degree in australia but monash uni’s pharm science doesnt allow a diploma holder to apply. Please assist me in this thank you 🙂

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      Perry Romanowski

      Most people have only degrees in Chemistry. A degree in cosmetic chemistry might help but it isn’t required.

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    Hello I’m a hairstylist who is wanting to branch off into making hair products. I was wondering if you think that a chemistry degree would work.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Yes, you need a chemistry degree if you want to become a cosmetic chemist.

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    I am a student at Dedan kimathi University of technology, Kenya, pursuing industrial chemistry, want to specialize in cosmetic science, need guidance

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      Perry Romanowski

      read our blog and go through our forum for information.

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    Hello. I completed my degree last 2013, I had a passion in cosmetic chemistry mostly dealing with lotion and soaps.unfortunately I could not secure a job as a chemist.currently am working as a sales coordinator but am really struggling to go further with my career as a chemist.I have applied for jobs as a chemist but all invain.please advise me,should I persue diploma or masters in cosmetic?and how can I get back in the field of chemistry once again.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Hello – well, a masters degree in cosmetic science might help. But continuing to apply for chemists jobs (if you have a chemistry degree) could also work. If you don’t have a chemistry degree then you’ll probably need more schooling to get a formulation job.

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    Hi i am finishing my BPharm degree and I’m interested in this. Is it possible for me to specialise into cosmetics and if possible how? (What course do i need to pursue further?)

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      Perry Romanowski

      You could look into the Masters degree program at University of Cincinnati or Fairleigh Dickenson

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