Article by: Perry Romanowski

Here’s an article which discusses a new development in hair bleaching technology.  Rather than using hydrogen peroxide as is typically the case, scientists from Kao have found an enzyme derived from a fungus that can break down melanin.  It still requires a small amount of peroxide to work but the level is significantly reduced and should lead to less damaging hair bleach.

There are two things that are interesting to me in this.  First, this shows you that there is some progress in basic research at the edges of cosmetic technology.  Second, I wondered what happened to this technology since the original report came out in 2009.

A little Google searching showed that there wasn’t much progress.  They did file this patent but no new papers on it.  I wonder if a product will be launched any time soon.


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    Watt Deal

    This is an older post, I know. But I am interested in the potential of this idea. I am a dude who used to bleach his hair really white. It is a cool color. My main problem was the fact that my hair is naturally dark brown, with a few especially stubborn areas. This meant repeating the bleaching process 5-6 times. This achieved the white color, but led to some fried hair, as well as spending recovery days in between applications with orange hair. That’s what made me finally give it up and just have healthy brown hair. There was also the issue of bleaching the roots as they grew out, but that is really an extension of the main problem. I would like to go back to this style while I still have hair. But if there is only 1980s technology still out there, I might just have to leave it to people who have lighter hair to begin with (they experience less damage when bleaching).

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      Perry Romanowski

      The reality is that hair bleaching technology still hasn’t changed much since the 1980’s. Although it might have gotten a little more effective with formulation stabilizers. The thing that actually does the bleaching however, has not changed.

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