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    Posted by Philadelphia on November 11, 2021 at 10:46 pm
    Hello :) I’m working on a facial brightening cream with Alpha Arbutin. What I’ve read is, it should go in the water phase, but it can’t be heated up higher than 40 degrees celsius.

    Should I not heat the whole water phase higher than 40 degrees? Or should I add the alpha arbutin to the water phase after it cools down to 40 degrees and then add it to the oil phase?

    Does it need to dissolve in water separately before being added to the rest of the water phase?

    Here’s the formulation below:

    Water Phase
    Distilled Water                 67.60%
    Aloe Vera Powder (200x)   0.10%
    Glycerin                            6.00%
    Xanthan Gum                    0.30%
    Niacinamide                      5.00%
    Alpha Arbutin *                 2.00%
    Oil Phase
    Sweet Almond Oil             8.00%
    Cetearyl Alcohol               3.00%
    Polysorbate 60                 1.00%
    Cetyl Alcohol                    4.00%
    Dimethicone 350              1.00%
    Cool Down
    EUXYL PE9010                   1.00%
    Tocopheryl acetate            1.00%

    Thank you for your time!

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