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  • Will this toothpaste become disgusting with use?

    Posted by Margaret on October 29, 2023 at 9:43 pm

    I am NOT able to copy & paste the formula, nor does a screen shot work so….

    There’s a formula on the website of the OMYA company which looks interesting BUT I wonder if using it would end up turning it into a gross mess?

    Here’s the LOI (SIMPLIFIED, without the procedure, to save my hands):

    calcium carbonate 45%

    liquid surfactant 3%

    COCONUT OIL!! 20%

    Xylitol 27.2%

    Stevia 0.1%

    Xanthan Gum 1%

    Mint oil 1%

    Green Tea Extract 2%


    Wet your toothbrush & rub it against the toothpaste to form a lather. Then, collect the foam created on the toothbrush & brush teeth.


    Would using this stuff as suggested above, make it become disgusting as you transfer your saliva to it with your toothbrush?

    Would storing the toothbrush in vodka (or any 40% ethanol solution) keep the toothpaste free of microbial grossness?

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