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  • Varisoft EQ 65… and lack of sample formulas for emulsified creams?

    Posted by Graillotion on March 22, 2024 at 5:16 pm

    I am trying to test my emulsified deo formula with an emulsifier swap to Varisoft EQ 65 as the primary (Distearoylethyl Dimonium Chloride (and) Cetearyl Alcohol).

    Other than a handful of conditioner formulas…I cannot find sample formulas on making creams.

    My questions run along the lines of …. Do I need a co-emulsifier? I made a run at it last night….with Cetearyl-25 and GMS….and made a real mess…phase inversion (I think the GMS was the issue).

    It always mentions lowering pH into the 4-5 range….but my formula needs to drop down to about 3.7. Cannot find ANY information if the lower pH is acceptable.

    I use some added behenyl alcohol.

    I have seen @chemicalmatt mention the prowess of BTMS on emulsifying silicones….does this translate to Varisoft EQ 65 as well? I do have 5-7% D5 in the formula. Typically a kiss of sucrose stearate in the water phase…keeps the D5 in place.

    So the formula I made last night ….. I got a wicked phase inversion to W/O…that would not let go…till I broke it with some pentylene/hexylene glycol. I suspect it was the GMS I added.

    The emulsifier package was:

    Varisoft EQ 65 @ 4%

    Ceteareth-25 @ 1%

    GMS (95% mono) @ 1%

    Sucrose Stearate @1% in water phase.

    Behenyl alcohol at 1.5%

    Is the fix as simple as removing the GMS? I guess my logic for putting it in there….was to balance the Ceteareth-25 and Sucrose stearate (HLB 15)….if that makes any sense?

    Not a lot of (strong) emulsifiers like to play in the 3.7 pH range…so my hands are a little tied.

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