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  • gordof

    February 8, 2023 at 4:30 am

    hi, this topic is as broad as formulation can go.

    Basic Tips would be.

    Prepare a Matrix in which the mica is stabilized ( thickeners; solubilizers; Matrix ingredients like bentonite)

    Use Pigments that are modified for your system (water or oil affinity)

    Use a multiple-rotation cylinder system to get the mica as finely dispersed as possible in your formulation. if you do not have that use a Homogenizer with a very high speed to disperse evenly if you don’t have a homogenizer stop making color cosmetic

    use Specific oils with a very high spreadability to even out the tone. (will not help so much with the separation or setting of your mica but is part of the solution)

    maybe someone can give deeper dives but I would guess you need to share parts of your formulation at least what system you have (W/O; O/W; Gel) Amount of water, Thickeners used mica level, etc.

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