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    Posted by David08848 on November 7, 2018 at 8:01 pm
    Well they’re not in the wine but they are in one batch of shaving cream I made!  In trying to blend it together, I found there were some “bits of slightly chunky soap” in the batch so I stupidly tried to mix them together in a restaurant mixer and although smooth, it was full of minute bubbles and still some small stiff chunks.  I decided to push them through a sieve and it worked in getting out the chunky bits but for some reason the tiny air bubbles were still there!  I hand mixed with a big stainless spoon then decided to try and hand homogenize it together with another same sized batch then heated it up to see if that would help to mix everything together!  I had to scent that as well and it came out very smooth and although I could only get 4 oz. of product into the 6 oz. container in the beginning, I could now get 5.5 oz. into the 6 oz. container so there are still some tiny bubble left!  I would have ditched this batch before this one of the fragrance ingredients was expensive…  I am thinking I just need to hand mix it regularly over and over until all the bubbles break up!
    In the future, what would be the best method to use to get air bubbles out of a pasty shaving cream product?  Thanks for reading though this Idiocracy!
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