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    Posted by graillotion on November 23, 2023 at 4:46 pm

    A while back as I was making final decisions on a face cream, I made a simple vehicle of water and sodium PCA, and another of sodium lactate and water (same rates). Applied the solution to each of the backs of my hands (driest skin I own). The sodium lactate and water….smoked the sodium PCA in a non-scientific anecdotal evaluation.

    I am about to write an article on NMF for my beginner group….and all the material I am finding in research just raves about PCA. What am I missing? I suspect it has to do with the topical application on the outside of the skin, vs PCA created by the skin, and within the skin.

    Those of you that know the inner workings…. do you find topical Sodium PCA to be indispensable in formulating top moisturizers?

    Aloha and a blessed Thanksgiving to all!

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  • graillotion

    November 24, 2023 at 11:09 pm

    I should mention….I have never used Na-PCA in a full blown formula with supporting humectants and barrier function. I like for ingredients to impress me neat first. According to Mr Deckner, he likes it paired with glycerin….hehehe….which has only made me MORE skeptical….hmmmmn. (Doesn’t everything work as a good humectant….when paired with glycerin? 😉 )

    As one of my favorite comedians on this site once said…maybe George was just filling his quota of verbiage on UL Prospector? 😂

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