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    Posted by Avick on April 15, 2014 at 10:04 am

    Dear Cosmetic Chemistry Guild of the Internet,

    Question! Well, okay this is a big subject. Please link me to past discussions if they have relevancy or if this is a dead horse for you all.

    Just background-our company tends toward the active botanicals side of cosmetics so we’re making herbal products for topical use with very limited claims. 

    Now that we’ve made them, we need to decide what to do we do with them! Hopeful that this information is useful to others as well… here’s my basic outline of the product development process: 
    STEP ONE-Formulate, select packaging, determine chemical/physical processing steps and required equipment. Label design.
    STEP TWO-Pre-market formula and process testing: a) microbial, b) repeat exposure patch test, c) shelf life/stability, d) ? . Also in step two-all necessary claims petitions to FDA. 
    STEP THREE-Pilot batches. In reality, our clients usually do step two and three simultaneous with initial market development. May have to feed back into step one, but we hope not. Also in step three-product liability insurance, etc. 
    STEP FOUR-Contract manufacturing-not fully fleshed out the handover from three to four. 
    I’m in steps one through three with several clients now and they are all leaning on me to take their products the rest of the way. Those of you with a lot of experience in the industry, can you add to or rewrite this process? How would you lay it out? 
    Million thanks to those who keep this forum!
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