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  • Stability

    Posted by Lisa18 on September 16, 2018 at 6:29 am

    Good morning,
    Someone happened that a conforming cream after 3 years has lost consistency?
    Thank you very much!

    ngarayeva001 replied 4 years, 6 months ago 3 Members · 5 Replies
  • 5 Replies
  • ngarayeva001

    September 16, 2018 at 11:56 am

    Emulsions are not stable. They separate eventually, and creams are not supposed to have shelf life of 3 years.

  • Lisa18

    September 16, 2018 at 1:15 pm

    Thank you very much.And how much should they keep on average?

  • OldPerry

    Professional Chemist / Formulator
    September 16, 2018 at 2:41 pm

    One year

  • Lisa18

    September 16, 2018 at 4:25 pm

    If cream passed 3 months stability test at 40 C, what will be its duration?

  • ngarayeva001

    September 16, 2018 at 9:40 pm

    It’s impossible to tell like that. Too many variables such as type of container, ingredients used, production conditions etc. Also are you talking about stability of the emulsion or stability of active ingredients? Emulsions can stay stable for more than two years. It’s doesn’t mean you should use it.