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  • Solubility of methylparaben in phenoxyethanol

    Posted by Abdullah on April 15, 2023 at 1:14 am

    I am purchasing some methylparaben or sodium methylparaben to use in combination with phenoxyethanol and EDTA in my emulsions, serum and solution Products that all have pH ~4.7.<div>

    As i will import it from another country, MOQ is 25kg and it takes ~2 month to arrive I can’t purchase samples to check.

    As i will use it with phenoxyethanol, if methylparabenparaben is soluble is phenoxyethanol @ around 20 or 25% i will purchase methylparaben. If less then i will purchase sodium methylparaben.

    My question is: what percentage of methylparaben can be completely dissolved in phenoxyethanol at room temperature or lower?

    I will heat it to ~40°c during dissolving but after that it should not separate at lower temperatures.


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