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  • SDS and its precipitation in cold temperature

    Posted by Anonymous on February 4, 2014 at 2:26 am


    I believe, that this question is know-how of Perry, but I am waiting comments from all :)
    So, I have one formulation, where I use:

    SLS (or SDS) 3%
    Indicator 0.01%
    Sodium Hydroxide 0.1%
    Aqua to 100%

    This formulation is not a cosmetic. I heat all the ingredients together while mixing. pH of solution is 10.50. At 15-20 degrees of celcius, SDS precipitates.
    I have tried to add Sodium Chloride solutions:
    0.3 M concentration in 7 %, 40 %, 96.89 %;
    0.5 M concentration in 96.89 %;
    0.6 M concentration in 96.89 %;
    0.8 M concentration is too big, solution became viscous.

    In all prototypes SDS precipitated….
    I need that my formulation would be homogenous.
    Maybe You have some advices?

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