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  • Removing stains caused by pigments

    Posted by Lab on August 23, 2023 at 6:32 am

    Hey guys!

    I need advice on how to sanitize some lab materials after formulating with iron oxides and other pigments. We are currently working with the powdered version to make our own castor oil dispersion, but we have some ready-made dispersions that our suppliers have sent us. Of course, this goes beyond iron oxides

    During dispersion, we use a roller mill made of stainless steel, which is actually very easy to clean. However, our silicone spatulas stain intensely even after 3-4 washings with detergent. I have found that leaving it in hot water for a while helps a little, but the stains don’t come out. So we got a product (which we also use to clean stains off our hotplates) and it got a little better, but it’s still ugly

    Glass beakers are easier to clean, but not all are 100% clean. The same goes for watch glasses and metal spatulas (which go frosted), as well as our personal lab coats and work benches

    You see, in our daily lives as formulators, this does not impact our work. They are just tools and they do not lose their use because they are more or less colored. However… we are also a cosmetology school, where students come to our lab to formulate. And that impacts their perspective of us and the experience as a whole

    The question, essentially, is: how do you remove these stains as much as possible? Do you have any indication of product or method that you use or do you have knowledge to attenuate this pigmentation?

    I’m very grateful in advance, sorry for the long text to explain something simple, I’m chatty af (:

    ~> Product we’re using: https://www.amazon.com.br/Limpador-Cremoso-Original-250-Cif/dp/B07DTLSF61

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