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    Posted by Elliot on March 19, 2024 at 4:14 pm

    In trying to understand IFRA limits on fragrance oils, I’ve noticed that a few US companies have some oils where the certificates say the safe limit for soap and rinse off products is substantially lower than for body cream; some as much as ten to 20 times lower.

    Most of the rest of the IFRA certificates I have looked at from those places, and from other companies, are the other way round, the limit higher in rinse off applications than leave on. And none from other companies that are higher for leave-on, are in the 5x-20x higher than rinse-off range.

    Is the disparity because of particular aroma chemicals chosen by those companies, that are somehow much more problematic while wet?

    Are there different ways those certificates are calculated? In a few cases, the limit for mouthwash is listed as a lot higher than for soap. That seems especially strange.

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