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  • PVA + Algin Peel Off?

    Posted by EVchem on March 13, 2020 at 12:54 pm

    I’m trying to reverse engineer several peel-off masks and I’ve reached the tearing out hair stage. I doubt I can trust the ILs- but two of the peel off masks base their product on a patent involving tetrasodium pyrophosphate. All the masks contain both PVA and Algin, but one doesn’t use the same method and has ascorbic acid listed above PVA? I would seriously doubt AA is above 1% but that means PVA would be 1% or less..
    Here’s what I tried last:

    water                             qs
    PVA                                 1
    - heat to 85C until no PVA lumps remaing, then begin my cooldown

    propanediol                   2 
    glycerin                        10
    algin (hydagen 558)       3      
    pigment                        1.8
    - these I add pretty much right after as a premix

    Euxyl 9010                   1
    SDA 40B                       10
    Ascorbic Acid                0.1
    extracts                         1-2
    -this final phase gets added below 40C

    This forms a film, but it doesn’t peel off nicely like the benchmark which dries and feels to me like a traditional PVA mask- I’m not sure I should mention the product line explicitly but I am restricted to keeping the product ‘95% natural’ (excluding water). Am I being lied to, or am I missing some piece of information on the synergy of PVA and algin? 

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