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  • Camel

    April 27, 2022 at 7:19 am

    Linatural will likely need pH less than 5 to be most effective because of the potassium sorbate. It is comprised mainly of preservative boosters (propanediol and ethylhexylglycerol) so I doubt it would make a good preservation system. 

    Is Plantaserve phenoxyethanol + ethylhexylglycerol? If yes, then I think it is a good choice, although I’ve learned from this forum it is not the best for mold and yeast, so you may want to supplement it with something else to cover that. 

    Geogard Ultra has sodium benzoate, but the first ingredient is gluconolactone, which I’m not sure how effective of a preservative that is on its own. I think it is also just a booster. I think sodium benzoate will need a pH of 3 to be most effective, and practically ineffective at pH of 6. 

    Geogard ECT contains salicylic acid, which cannot be used by children three and under. Might not be a problem if your product is for adults only, but I’m also not sure how effective it is as a preservative.

    Just my thoughts. Hopefully an expert will weigh in. 

  • PhilGeis

    April 27, 2022 at 6:50 pm

    Not much to add to Camel’s good points

    All include synthetic compounds, none is “broad spectrum” - tho’ all claim it.

    Watch stability for sorbic acid and benzyl alcohol.

  • MarkBroussard

    April 27, 2022 at 7:27 pm


    There are actually several versions of Linatural … which one are you referring to?

    As opposed to listing just the Tradename, it would be helpful if you listed both the Tradename and the ingredients so people trying to help you don’t have to look up the products you are referring to.

    But, generally, you would not want to use any of these preservatives solo, but in combination.  For instance, Geogard Ultra (Gluconolactone + Sodium Benzoate) could be used in combination with Linatural Ultra-3 (Phenethyl Alcohol + Pentylene Glycol + Propanediol) and a chelating agent such as GLDA and pH<6.0, preferrably pH = 4.8.

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