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  • Product ideas to manufacture in a vertical vacuum mixer

    Posted by Herbnerd on May 6, 2024 at 8:30 pm

    We have two new vertical vacuum mixers being installed later this year as an upgrade to our toothpaste manufacturing plant.

    However, in the managements’ wisdom, they have now decided they want to look at other products to manufacture and have asked me what other products we could manufacture in this line? From this end other than a few gels such as a teething gel or other dental health products - I have no ideas.

    Aside from RO Water at 60-70C, a paddle blender (which is what they had been manufacturing the toothpaste in) and a couple of unjacketed steel vessels and a silverson, there isn’t any other manufacturing equipment. Packing line is geared up for tube filling and seaming; but if the opportunity is there, management may decide on alternate packing equipment.

    Any suggestion or ideas would be most welcome.

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