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  • Preservation for water based formulation

    Posted by Devansh7 on May 6, 2020 at 11:17 am
    Hello all, I’m an aspiring entrepreneur from India. I’ve been working on formulating women’s intimate hygiene wipes to be used before and after sexual activities.

    The formulation is water based. 
    We plan to maintain the pH at 3-4 by using lactic acid. 
    The composition is:
    1. Surfactant ~ Coco Glucoside 0.4g in 100 g solution
    2. Humectants ~ 4g Propylene Glycol 1g glycerol in 100g solution
    I’m stuck with preservation. We wish to use preservatives also used in food products only.
    We read on one of the discussions on chemist’s corner that a blend of 
    Phenoxyethanol (88%) + Dehydroacetic Acid (8%) + Potassium Sorbate (4%)
    would work just fine. 

    It was stated that Phenoxyethanol could be replaced by Benzyl Alcohol.
    Could we use a blend of :

    Benzyl Alcohol (88%) + Sodium Salt of Dehydroacetic Acid (8%) + Potassium Sorbate (4%)

    or maybe:

    Sodium benzoate+ Potassium Sorbate + Sodium Salt of Dehydroacetic Acid? 

    Will these blends be a good preservative to attain a shelf life of 1+ years? I read that coco glucoside is bio degradable, does that mean in a water solution it will start to decompose?

    Thank you for your help!

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