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  • OldPerry

    November 21, 2018 at 2:23 pm

    To figure out how things work you first have to figure out what it is supposed to be doing. Let’s look at the claims you listed…

    1.  “novel active ingredient” - this can be said of pretty much anything.
    2.  “
    innovative moss cell technology” - so what? 
    3.  “
    demonstrated a positive influence on cell nucleus health genes ” - I have no idea what this even means. What are ‘health genes’? What is a ‘positive influence’? This is just meaningless claims.
    4.  “supported skin adaptation to climatic changes” - what does it mean to ‘support skin adaptation’? What is a quantifiable measurement that could be made to verify this claim?  This means nothing if you can’t measure it.
    5.  “
    more refined skin tone” - How do you measure a ‘refined’ skin tone? 
    6.  “
    more resilient skin” - how do you define and measure ‘resilient’ skin? The before and after pictures they show in the article are not notable.

    The marketing of this material is typical sciencesploitation where they try to dazzle you with biochemistry explanations and make the benefits vague enough that it would apply to pretty much anything.

    I don’t know how phytol works or even if it works. But I know that in their paper they didn’t compare how the ingredient performs against the best technology available, so I’d say this is little more than a claims ingredient that would support a product story featuring moss.

    I really wish raw material suppliers did a better job with their marketing. 

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