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    Posted by Anonymous on March 28, 2019 at 12:16 am
    I have developed allergies to palm oil, cottonseed oil, grape seed oil, rosemary, grapefruit, raspberry, and grains (wheat, rice, corn). I cannot find a shampoo I can use. Everything is derived from palm and corn. If I find one possibly without these, it’s got rosemary in it!!
    I can’t wash my hair with a soap bar, but I cannot find a product without derivatives of these allergens. 
    I found a solid shampoo formula that is ph balanced, not cold process soap, but ingredients aren’t all allergy free for me. 
    I contacted this place and they recommended Glyceryl Stearate Citrate as a palm free option for emulsifier. But, I don’t know what to do with this!  I don’t have time to take a course right now. I can’t buy a product I need. Any direction would be hugely helpful. I can sort through formulations all day, but it’s the same problem. I don’t know how to find ones without these derivatives. I am wondering about pal and grain free substitutions.
    INGREDIENTS        (where I researched it is derived from, correct me if I am wrong)
    Sodium Coco-Sulfate (coconut or palm)
    Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (coconut or palm)
    Cocamidopropyl Betaine (coconut)
    Decyl Glucoside (corn)
    Cetyl Alcohol (corn and coconut)
    Distearoylethyl Dimonium Chloride, Cetearyl Alcohol (palm AND coconut)
    Theobroma Cacao Butter (cocoa)
    Citric Acid (mold), Benzyl Alcohol
    Dehydroacetic Acid (synthetic?)
    Styrax Benzoin Gum Oil (Benzoin)
    Pogostemon Cablin Leaf Oil (Patchouli)
    I am not sure I can find any of these that are only made from coconut, and one (DDC) seems to be made of palm AND coconut.  Cetyl ALcohol looks like it is made from corn and coconut.
    Are there any other substitutions that are not palm or corn derivatives? 
    Can I omit Decyl Glucoside, which is made from corn, and sub more of one of the coconut based surfactants? OR can I replace ALL surfactants with Cocamidopropyl Betaine since it is the only one made just from coconut?
    Can I substitute Cetyl Alcohol and Distearoylethyl Dimonium Chloride for more cocoa butter?
    Can I even buy these in reasonable small quantities?  Do I need to spend a fortune to pay someone for a formula and another fortune to buy ingredients just so I can wash my hair?
    Is there a super basic shampoo I can make that is palm and grain free?
    Honestly, if you know of a shampoo product that is truly palm and grain derivative free and has no grapefruit or rosemary, I would buy it in a heartbeat!
    Am I stuck with washing my hair with coconut lye soap?
    Is it even possible to make a shampoo that doesn’t have derivatives of palm  and grains?  One I can make at home?
    Even glycerin based shampoo tend to be plam derived, although glycerin can be made from coconut and soy as well, but I can’t seem to find one.
    Please save me from my greasy nightmare!
    belassi replied 4 years, 11 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • belassi

    March 28, 2019 at 5:12 am

    It doesn’t matter what it is ‘derived from’. Honestly, I believe your problem is psychological. Reading lists and saying that the ingredients are derived from this or that and therefore you’ll react, is, frankly, ridiculous.

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