• Posted by Dorsaf on February 12, 2024 at 7:33 am

    Please help me with this issue ????

    I m a beginner in formulation,and i have this questions

    I am trying to make an ointment And there are some issue with it ,i try to formulate it with salicylic acid and urea,my problem is that i want to add so much of both,10%urea ,and 5% acid, and 5% of glycerine, i know when add 5% of water phase i will not need preservative,but should I consider the amount of urea as water phase,so i will and up with 15%.wich will need to be preserved,and if i do so, my ph will not allow me to use it,or considering that i used salicylic acid,will be just enough to preserve the formula, please unswer me ,

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