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    Posted by abdullah on August 1, 2022 at 2:21 am

    I make 200kg batches of my products. Products are water thin during manufacturing and at last times viscosity increases for shampoos and emulsions.
    For homogenization i have inline homogenizer and for in tank mixing i use this mixer. It is 1kw and 300-850 rpm. The problem is after mixing for some time the motor gets too hot. I have to stop mixing several time to let it cool a bit during production because i am afraid anything bad happens to mixer and it is annoying.

    In the past once i was mixing a 10kg batch with hand stick blender, it got too hot but i continued mixing so the motor failed and it didn’t turn on again.
    I am afraid if i work continually with this mixer when its motor is too hot it fail too but as it is made for large batches and continues work, i am not sure what should i do. 

    My questions are: 
    is it normal for mixers like this to get hot during mixing? 

    When it got hot, is it ok if i continue mixing or should i stop and let it cool down before continuing again? 

    How long can a mixer like this work continually normally? 

    my target time is to mix for ≥1 hour continually at least. 

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