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  • Making a Base for Eye / Lip liner

    Posted by redxcap on June 3, 2017 at 7:38 pm

    I have seen only one pre made eye liner base and it was from TKB Trading based on a formula from another book. I was wondering if it were plausible to make a colorless base that could be done up in such a manner to allow for the addition of pigments after the fact similar to a melt and pour type of scenario.

    The formulas I was considering using make 50g each. Both are from a book written by Karin Bombeli. (making cosmetics). In the first formula phase a is the waxes and oils and phase b is the colorants with the addition of Vitamin E tocopherol. The second formula is 3 phase and is the one I am unsure of.

    It is as follows:
    Phase A:
    Stearic Acid 
    Cetyl Alcohol 

    Phase B
    Iron Oxide

    Phase C
    Polyglyceryl Oleate
    Vitamin E tocopherol
    Pro Vitamin B5

    I’ve been trying to figure this particular issue out for about a week and have searched google and related patents. I am unsure whether it is even possible with both formulations but I am curious. The premise behind this being I want to be able to create multiple colors without making multiple batches. I have doubts that it is as simple as taking the known quantity (10 - 15 pencils) making the base and dividing the % colorants to determine the amount needed for singles. I know doing so makes it likely to affect batch consistency.

    I have also looked at just buying a premade base and continuing on that route but options are surprisingly very slim. I also don’t see a  discernable preservative is it unnecessary with this formula? Thanks in Advance.


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