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    Posted by chhavi on October 26, 2018 at 11:38 am

    Hello, so I am a college student working on the development of cosmetics. 
    So, after a lot of research and studying, I have devised a formulation to work with. However, I am not very sure if it would turn out okay and since I am a student, I am low on funds and I rely on my college to fund me. So, I need to be sure of the formulation somewhat and before ordering the chemicals. 

    So here is my formulation-
    Base intermediate (65.1%)
    Castor oil- 15%
    Jojoba oil- 3%
    Sesame oil- 3%
    Beeswax- 7.5%
    Candellila wax- 7.5%
    Paraffin- 2.5%
    Carnauba- 2.5%
    Cetyl alcohol- 2.5%
    Cocoa butter- 6.6%
    Petrolatum- 5%
    Propyl paraben- 0.02%
    olive oil- 4.48%
    Almond oil- 3%

    Colour intermediate (28%)
    Pigments- 9%
    propyl paraben- 0.005%
    Olive oil- 2.225%
    Castor oil- 16%
    Ethyl alcohol- 0.77%

    Acrylate copolymer powder- 2%
    Castor oil- 3%

    Peppermint oil for fragrance- 0.9%

    If someone can tell me some suggestions about this, it would be great! I don’t know if it would come out as glossy/creamy or any other type. But, I am pretty sure that it won’t be a matte lipstick. 

    chhavi replied 5 years, 7 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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