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  • Improving deflocculation of powder to avoid lumps

    Posted by RDKOXYNERGY on February 8, 2021 at 9:32 am


    I am working on a product to make masks, presented in free powder. It is a mix of carrageenan with potassium chloride.

    The powder is presented in a sachet that you have to mix with hot water and after it makes a gel mask. 

    The issue is that there are always some lumps left. So I tried to put some additives in the powder to improve the deflocculation when the powder gets in contact with the water.

    I could improve a bit using sorbitol or mannitol, if I add Magnesium stearate there are no lumps, but as it is not soluble in water the mask is not transparent and the texture is less elastic.

    We tried to premix the powder with glycols which then worked fine but there is sedimentation which makes impossible the filling.

    So it has to be only free powder.

    Would appreciate if someone has an idea of what we could add to avoid lumps without interfering with the gelling process that could avoid the particles to stick together.

    Thank you!

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