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    Posted by cosmetic_chemist_vietnam on March 30, 2024 at 4:14 am

    I am making w/o sunscreen cream using geltrap of Seppic with Sepinov EMT 10 and w/o emulsifiers (Easynov, Abil EM 90 and Polyaquol V04).

    A few days ago, I succeeded making w/o sunscreen milk. The problem is, when I use the same formulation of w/o sunscreen milk to make w/o sunscreen cream (just increase the level of Sepinov EMT 10 to 2%), I see I can’t thicken the product enough, although the level of Sepinov EMT 10 is really high. Can anyone explain this and give me an advice?

    The oil phase contains of dimethicone, C15-19 alkane, IPM…., they are low density solvents. I really don’t wanna use cetyl alcohol, stearic acid or something like them because the feeling on the skin of these material is not comfortable.

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