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  • How to charge as a formulator consultant in the CBD Nanoemulsion space?

    Posted by Discovery on October 25, 2020 at 9:48 pm
    I have no formal training or education in this realm. I have a
    degree in science and am a nurse so have some baseline knowledge which I
    built upon with the help of some of the consultants I found on this
    I am a WA state licensed marijuana producer/processor and make THC nanoemulsions which I have been doing for several years now for our company. I have recently been approached by a CBD company who wants me to be their formulator consultant, formula developer and then manufacture that formula on a large scale at my facility. They have a variety of  projects they have going on with other companies they want me to work with them on, including emulsions with CBD and non-CBD essential oil nanoemulsions to use in bath salts by a bath and beauty company as well as a formula to be used by a barista chain in their coffee. I don’t know what I should charge for developing a new formula for a new project then manufacturing it. Do I charge a flat fee for developing the formula, including time involved such as time thinking about it, making batches, then sending to them for sampling then repeating till I meet their exact specs? Then charge another fee for manufacturing? I tried to find out what someone would charge to formulate nanoemulsions but have not been successful in doing so. I am shooting in the dark her and hoping this community will have some ideas.
    Discovery Garden, Inc/Discovery Garden CBD, Inc.

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