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    Posted by hairtruly on September 6, 2020 at 6:27 am

    Hi! New to this website and i think this is the best shot i have in terms of my questions. I wanted to sell semi permanent hair colours and at the moment, i had a supplier/manufacturer based here where i am. The thing is that there were a few things that i didn’t really like on the dye they had, 1 is it bled too much for my liking ( is that normal? Like Even when the hair was dry and you just comb your fingers through it, you hands stain a bit. It also stain the towels everytime you take a bathe as well as in the running water from washing) 2, it was less viscous than how i’d like it to be, bordering on cream liquid. 3, their color range.  So I was on this whole journey in trying to figure out if I can make them on my own so atleast i would know what’s in it, i can maximise color range etc. but i’m not sure about the process it has to go through and the legalities if i make them myself? 

    I did have the basic ingredients from my supplier which was:
    Cetyl alcohol
    cetrimonium chloride
    keratin complex 
    argan extract
    olive oil 

    im not sure if this was the full list of ingredients but this was the basic ingredients she listed for my labeling. I asked if she was able to ask the manufacturer if they can make other colors but she didn’t really respond… 

    Also i’d like to ask if the dyes used in making these dyes are “aniline dyes”? As far as my research have procured, the dyes used on semi permanent dyes are “basic dyes” and apparently it’s aniline dyes? So it’s those used to make tie dyes? Please feel free to educate me or warn me or whatever lol. I love beauty and fashion and i have a small business on it and i wanted to feel confident about my first products first before migrating to other ones. 
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