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  • Gram + / Gram - / YMF…which category can one not afford to miss?

    Posted by graillotion on May 21, 2023 at 9:56 pm

    Hehehe…I know the answer is all three….but read below…and see what I am after.

    Those not familiar with me…I preserve products carefully…probably in excess. But I do work with a subset that is on the other end of the spectrum….where they try to impress each other with how poorly they can select a preservative.

    So….what I am asking…and not really from a sales point of view….where say an ugly mold might kill sales… I am looking for the segment….that can truly hurt a person physically….should that category get away from you, and the product applied to skin.

    Of the categories in the header….which of the three carries the most physically damaging consequences…should you miss the target…with say a natural preservative…or any preservative for that matter. Which category carries the most hazard?

    For bonus points…what is the name/s of the pathogen, likely to be found in a cosmetic emulsion…that can potentially wreak the most damaging havoc? @PhilGeis

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