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  • Does dimethcone/c12-15 Akyl Benzonate leave a stubborn film on face?

    Posted by I_love_Science on February 6, 2024 at 2:35 pm


    I am not a cosmetic scientist but i was hoping i could use your knowledge to problem solve why i am having so much trouble with a wide variety of sunscreens not being able to wash off. I have used a variety of sunscreens from different countries, and what i noticed they all have in common, they leave a sticker film on my face and end up breaking me out because of it. I noticed all of them (especially americans ones) have ingredients high on the list like glycols, dimethcones. c12-15 alkyl benzonates - and even with oil cleansers they dont come off followed by a strong gentle foaming cleansers.

    I was curious if its because of this that makes it so difficult cult. I feel very helpless in my routine and if you have any insight on formulations and knowledge on these ingredients it would be highly invaluable. Do these ingredients make the sunscreen water resistant assuming. and if it is infact these ingredients that are making it hard to wash off, is there any tips, or knowledge from your background that can help? Any ingredients to look out for. I thought switching to chemical sunscreens would be the easiest but they still leave a terrible film. So far all of the sunscreens I have used isntree spf 50, eucrin hylaurinc acid/humectant spf 50, cera ve ultra light sunscreen (is the most stubborn). I noticed had labs sunscreen i was able to have an easier time washing off, but it broke me out terribly.

    If not any other resources, websites, or experience, recomendations?

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  • Perry44

    February 6, 2024 at 2:59 pm

    Sunscreens are designed to stay on your skin and resist easy wash-off. That way you don’t immediately sweat them off and they continue to give you protection. If they were easier to remove, they wouldn’t work well as sunscreens.

    The ingredients you described in sunscreen are not responsible for your breakouts. Things like silicones and glycols are not known to cause breakouts in people. But without more specific ingredient information, it is difficult to give you any good advice. Just keep trying to find one that works for you.

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