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  • Dimethyl oxazolidine preservative? Calling Dr. Phil.

    Posted by chemicalmatt on January 28, 2022 at 4:12 pm

    Has anyone used dimethyl oxazolidine (CAS# 51200-87-4) to preserve formulations and can they recommend it? @PhilGeis must know something about it. Can the good doctor or anybody else weigh in here? The lit from Troy - they supply it as TroyCare BDX1 - advises to use at pH6 and above, which would make it ideal for higher pH formulas where the organic acids are useless. 

    PhilGeis replied 1 year ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • PhilGeis

    January 30, 2022 at 2:24 am

    Matt - correction - think it was Oxadine A

  • chemicalmatt

    January 28, 2022 at 9:09 pm

    Brylcreme!  “A little dab’ll do ya!” Thanks, Phil. 

  • PhilGeis

    January 28, 2022 at 4:21 pm

    Hey Matt! Introduced back in late 70’s by Angus, think it was  formaldehyde releaser “Oxiban A”. worked pretty well.  
    Germall et al. already had the role so never got a foothold in the market.  Recall only one product that used it back then - (don’t laugh) - Brylcreme.