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  • CNF numbers on sketchy products

    Posted by Forgetmenotgarden on December 23, 2023 at 3:51 pm

    My query is two fold but related. In regards to CNF forms, I received a letter a while back relating to the new automation of CNF numbers if product ingredients are in the data base and has only one restricted ingredient. I am assuming this is a way for formulas containing let’s say phenoxyethanol at 1% to pass through the automation system.

    One question is, either before or after automation, if I submitted a product with glaring mistakes like too much preservative or no preservative where there should be one, is this information producing a response from healthcanada? Like hey you’re selling a product that should be preserved? ( I have only received an email once indicating an inaccurate INCI on an oil I was using and the correction)

    So the second question is regarding the selling of floral mists, toners, and room and linen sprays that say you can spritz your skin type products. They are commonly using water, sometimes floral water, witch hazel, and essential oils and directs you to shake well. I know all the mistakes of this formulation including missing emulsifiers and preservatives. So many diy workshops, and recipes yikes, believing that witch hazel has enough alcohol. (Do they truly believe this is safe?)

    If these companies (I use the term lightly) are filing their CNF’s for these, are they getting #s for these products? I know it’s not the responsibility of health Canada to assure safety etc. The question is actually are these products getting numbers?

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