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  • Cleaning of Stearic Acid in production…

    Posted by David08848 on July 1, 2023 at 2:17 pm

    What is the best way to remove Stearic Acid from a large Stainless Steel kettle in production of a soap basic shaving cream product? Also, is there any kind of textbook that would discuss production in general and the best way to manage everything involved? In the meantime, I’ll keep looking! Thanks for any help you can provide! Regards, David

    albertcostello39 replied 2 weeks, 3 days ago 9 Members · 10 Replies
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  • gordof

    July 3, 2023 at 5:55 am

    do you add the Stearic Acid to be saponified with a Base like NaOH?

    Normale you can buy Stearic Acid Granualated or Palleted so Taking everything out should not be a problem. if you get it as a Block or a 250 kg Vassel you can melt it before Production to Incorporate it into the main vessel at above 70 °C.

    On the Question of the book I don’t know but I guess there are some general books on how to Produce on a bigger scale but I actually don’t know one to recommend.

  • David08848

    July 4, 2023 at 7:17 pm

    gordof, Thanks for your reply! I make 100 ounce batches of shaving cream with granular Stearic Acid, ground Myristic Acid and Coconut oil in KOH, NaOH and Triethanolamine in H2O which are processed in a stainless steal restaurant double boiler so the inner pot gets a Stearic Acid “coating” during the process which will then sometimes get into the water of the base kettle. So everything can get coated with Stearic Acid. I just tried scrubbing the two pots with a steel wool cleaning pad and “Dawn” dishwashing liquid which worked fairly well but didn’t get the Stearic off completely! Any suggestions on type of cleaning agents or devices would be appreciated! Also, getting the double boiler up to temperature sometimes takes quite a while and I have been using an electric water heating device to heat up the water more quickly which does help but it still takes a while to get the water temperature up into the 170’s F which is what is needed! Eager to hear more suggestions! Thanks! David

  • chemicalmatt

    July 5, 2023 at 12:56 pm

    Have you guys ever heard of Alconox, the powdered alkaline cleaner everyone uses to clean our stainless steel vessel and mixer equipment? Alconox Powdered Precision Cleaner | Alconox Inc.

    Jus’ sayin’.

    • David08848

      July 5, 2023 at 8:06 pm

      Thanks, Matt! I hadn’t heard of it and was wondering about using a higher pH solution like using up some KOH past it’s use by date or even NaOH solution! Alconox is one I hadn’t heard of and I’ll check it out again! Thanks for your input!


      • Juggsy

        July 5, 2023 at 8:22 pm

        @David08848 it’s expensive AF - I purchased 50 sachets for 230 bucks (not including shipping) and will have to order more soon. I thought it was better buying the sachets as I’d not used it before. I wish I had gone for the 1.8kg pack at 198 bucks. Just be aware as I was absolutely mortified by the cost.

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