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  • Can you help me with this leave-on moisturizer for my dog?

    Posted by _joy_ on November 30, 2015 at 9:36 pm


    I’ve been making hot and cold process soaps and body butters/lip balms as a hobby for about a year, but I’m pretty new to more complicated cosmetics. I’m attempting to make a moisturizer for my dog that won’t leave oil slicks all over the furniture and would love some help!
    My great dane is very sensitive to, well… everything, and has some pretty severe allergies and dry skin. We’ve been to the vet and have ruled out mites and such, and he’s on omega-3/6/9, probiotics and vitamin B supplements, but he still has dry flaky skin. I’ve tried using a shea butter, jojoba oil and almond oil body butter on him, which did help, but left oily spots all over the house. Really big oily spots. 
    So, I’ve done some more research on moisturizers and I’ve come up with this concentrate that I’m currently storing in the frig:
    .1 oz dl-panthenol (powder)
    .1 oz hydrolyzed silk peptides (powder)
    .3 oz glycerin
    I then mix a single-use-size scoop of that with water and jojoba oil in a 1 part concentrate / 1 part jojoba oil / 10 parts water solution and rub it on. It seems to be helping and isn’t as greasy, but it’s really difficult to put it on the dog because it’s basically the consistency of water. But the biggest issue is the silk. It stinks! I mean, it REALLY stinks. I don’t think I can brave opening even the first of the four zip-lock bags it’s stored in again.
    Is there another hydrolyzed protein that comes in powder form and is safe for dogs that you would recommend? Or something entirely different?
    I was thinking something like guar gum would help to thicken it, but I’m not sure how great that is for skin, or dogs. I know a lot of people use it as a hair gel. I also have easy access to xanthan gum. Any thoughts? 
    I’ve been trying to understand the concept of self-preserving and reducing water activity with glycerin, but since I can’t find a ton of info on this stuff, I’m not sure what all I can add to this concentrate without needing preservatives and/or refrigeration. I’m currently only making a few days worth, which is really a pain. The way I understand it, if glycerin is more than 50% of the content and there is no water added, it reduces water activity to an unfriendly point for microbials. Is that right? If I mix together the panthenol, silk (or substitute), guar gum or emulsifier, and jojoba oil and keep the glycerin content at over 50%, will this self-preserve? If anyone has links to more info on the subject, I’d love them!
    To make things more complicated, I prefer to use humane, eco-friendly vegetarian ingredients. So no petroleum based or palm, nothing from tallow/lard or anything that had to kill the animal to be produced, and ideally naturally derived. Yes, I know, silk. It’s supposed to be humanely harvested, but is is wrong that I don’t care about bugs?
    Thanks in advance for the help!
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