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  • Graillotion

    July 10, 2021 at 11:34 pm


    Yes, I think a CBD extract of any type would be better than CBD isolate.  I’ve worked with both, and while I don’t believe the “entourage effect” has been proven to be true, using CBD isolate completely eliminates any possibility of synergistic effects between the various components of a CBD extract.  

    Are you saying….the only drawback to the CBD isolate (vs CBD extract)…is the lack of secondary components?  (I can live with that.)  

    Where I have been buying my CBD isolate…they also sell CBN, CBG, and CBC.  With pain in mind…if I were to blend one of these in…which would you choose?

    I would use a combination of CBD and CBG

    I find it about impossible to find dosing for the cannabinoids (this of course is intentional), so any idea on dosing for a cream?  I am using 1% of CBD Isolate….I assume I will keep that the same, and just add some CBG.  Since it is a pricey ingredient (more than double the cost of CBD), what level would I have to include to hopefully create an effect?

    Obviously inclusion rate hinges on potency….so let’s use this as an example:

    Untitled (industrialhempfarms.com)

    You formulate CBD products to a target load of CBD (or CBG) in milligrams per unit.  It looks like you’re making a cream with 1,000 mg CBD, which is a good strength for a pain management product.  It’s completely up to you on the strength.  You might do 1,000 mg CBD + 200 - 400 mg CBG, for instance.

    Thank you for your helpful insights Mark.  In this scenario, as a pain cream formulator, I am very hamstrung by not suffering from any type of chronic pain, thereby eliminating myself as a test subject.  Do you have anyone in-house (literally and figuratively) that suffers pain that a cream like this might mitigate?  I am always looking for test subjects that can provide quality feedback.  If so, I would love to send you a sample.  You can PM me…with address.
    This is not a half-a$$ formula….it is made with watchful oversight and input from someone I believe you respect, someone who’s PhD focused on phytochemistry and pharmacognosy. :) 

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